Punching Pandas

The Punching Pandas are our 3-6 year old martial artists! In this class, we focus on the enjoyment of the exercises, and work to slowly build discipline in a fun and high energy environment. “Ms. Kayla,” our “Panda Trainer” is a certified 3rd degree black belt licensed as a chief instructor. Ms. Kayla takes the Pandas through an intense, but fun-filled ride of agility drills, cardiovascular exercises, and teaches age-appropriate curriculum. Our chief black belt staff rotates in and out with her, ensuring that our Pandas get the proper attention they need!

USCDKA Annual Membership: $30
Monthly Dues: $30
Punching Panda’s T-shirt (uniform is belt and T-shirt) : $15
Testing Fees: $30

Tuesday: 6:30pm-7:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am-9:00am

Belt System:

White Belt

Yellow Junior

Orange Junior

Green Junior

Purple Junior

Blue Junior

Red Junior

Brown Junior

Yellow Belt
It is at this time that the Punching Panda graduates to the family class, regardless of age.

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