About Us

The Way Taekwondo began as a demonstration team that was part of a larger demonstration unit with Parkway Baptist Church, in late 1989. The school would be chartered as Parkway Baptist Taekwondo in January of 1990. Around the the mid aughts (2000-2009), the program moved to University Presbyterian Church, and adopted the name “The Way” as the new school name. “The Way” is a reference to the last part of Tae Kwon Do, which roughly translates “Way” and or “mind,” and is also a reference to the original name given to early Christians in the beginning of the movement of faith. The Way expanded to Crosslife Church and Eastpoint Fellowship, and existed as a tri-location school for a little over a year, until University Presbyterian Church and Eastpoint Fellowship were no longer able to support the space the program required.
Currently nestled in the “Christian Life Center” gymnasium of Crosslife Church, which has been in operation for over 5 years, we boast a large black belt roster, and a relatively high retention rate.

Legacy is important to us, as it was handed down by our association’s founder, Grandmaster Edward B. Sell. We encourage you to visit the “Hall of Senior Instructors” to see the legacy. Each instructor named after our school’s founding instructor are all direct students of our founding instructor, and each senior instructor answers directly to the president of the United State’s Chung Do Kwan Association.

The Way Taekwondo is charted and credentialed by the United States Chung Do Kwan Association, the most prestigious organization in America. The USCDKA was founded by the late Senior Grandmaster Edward B. Sell, the highest ranked non-Korean black belt in the world, and is now spearheaded by Grandmaster Brenda J. Sell, the highest ranked American female, and 2nd highest ranked female in the world of Taekwondo.
Through the USCDKA, we have access to phenomenal training seminars, local, state, regional, and national level tournaments, instructor courses, and special seminars hosted by certified black belt master instructors, including the highly decorated Grandmaster Brenda Sell.
It is also through this prestigious organization that we have access to international credentials through the World Chung Do Kwan Association, and the Kukkiwon.

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