Our Programs

The Way Taekwondo currently meets in the Christian Life Center Gymnasium at Crosslife Church. We are a Christian Taekwondo University through the United States Chung Do Kwan Association. This does not mean you need to hold any particular religious belief to join. It simply means that we as leaders share the same vision, and believe our call is to share our passion with the world, through the eyes of the faith that we hold dear to. There are scripture verses and Bible Studies at the end of classes, however, belief in them are up to each individual, and we will always respect that!

The Way Taekwondo offers two continuous programs, click the program name to learn more:
Punching Pandas – 3-6 year olds
Family Classes – 6 years old and up

We also hold seminars and special class sessions on the topics of:
Bo Staff
Sword (Black Belts Only)
Extreme Forms
Joint Manipulation
…and more!

These classes will be held at random, and the seminars will be announced with ample notice.

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